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Slow Fashion Must Matter to All

We all know that Gen Z is more conscious than previous generations no matter how they might look on the outside. Is that out of fear for their future or else, that is debatable. Yet, it makes me happy and hopeful to see that the new-gen cares about sustainability. Yes, obviously shopping is more accessible to us than ever and social media apps have encouraged shoppers to keep spending their money, do not blame us for that, please... And there seems to be an unstoppable increase in the way that we consume fashion. The other day I gave a new look to some of my old clothes and they look like they are new :)

There are great movements around the world that you might consider supporting/joining:

1- Slow Fashion Movement : Slow Fashion Movement is a volunteer-led movement and there are many ways for you to get involved. You could be either a:

  • Global organizer

  • Ambassador

  • Local Group organizer

2-Bewildher: Like the Slow Fashion Movement, you can become an ambassador and:

  • Earn store credit for doing what you're already doing, referring friends and family to Bewildher!

  • Support women-led small businesses and empower yourself to be wilder.

  • Use that store credit to shop with Bewildher, or with any of the brands they have collaborated with.

Or simply you can make a change in your life by conscious consumption. Next time you are tempted by any store, perhaps you can resist that temptation and join the slow fashion movement.

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