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Besides my academic work, I collaborate on several EU-funded projects. Whether it is an eTwinning project or an Erasmus+ project, I give my 200% to ensure that the project goals are accomplished. Below are the projects I participated in the past.

Young Idea Factory

With this e-Twinning project, students took a take a step towards their goal of becoming individuals who can realize their own initiatives with the skills required by the 21st century in the near future. My role was to deliver training on Entrepreneurship. The project took place entirely online due to COVID-19 pandemic. The partner countries were Turkey and Croatia.

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The Compass of the Accountant

The goal of this Erasmus+ project was to make a difference in the accountancy field and lead a long-running partnership. Utilizing the learning management system Moodle in the partner schools as an e-learning system composed of many layers to complement the face-to-face education and develop a mobile application to improve the vocational English level of the students. My role was to deliver the training on Moodle and Engaging Students in Online Learning. The partner countries were Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece. 


Me Myself and I, AIESEC Slovakia

During my Master's studies, I took 6 weeks to train the Slovak students with 8 other colleagues from China, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, and Indonesia. Throughout the project, we learned how to work with teenagers, how to work in international teamwork, and improved our presentation skills.

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