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Insights Competition: LinkedIn, TikTok, and More to Come

Have you noticed that lately, we are hearing much more about transparency? What has happened to all social media giants that push them to publish entertaining videos to show how their algorithm works? It is not that surprising to see brands taking a step towards transparency. I mean, it is the "be honest or die" era, in the end.

Firstly, let's have a look at what LinkedIn officials said:

"Starting today and over the next several weeks, we’ll publish “Mythbusting the Feed”, a series of blog posts and on-platform content that will aim to provide greater insights into how our product works and addressing common misconceptions and assumptions. Our ultimate goal is to be transparent with you on how we think about the feed, and how things work.”

And they did so. The first two videos in the series are now uploaded and the rest will follow soon.

Then came TikTok with an insightful infographic that talks about effective promotional approaches in the app:

“TikTok audiences prefer brands that show they understand how to create and use the platform — they want brands to meet them where they are on TikTok. And how exactly should brands meet audiences where they are? Creators.”

Reddit was also publishing best practices and tips to help marketers build connections through a webinar and some infographics.

These are just a few examples of many more to come towards providing insights. Do you think these are more of a promotional attempt or do they truly want to show what works best and keep it transparent? We will see in the near future.


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