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Gamification at it's best: Wordle

When was the last time you shared about any game on your phone? Especially if you are in your mid 30's, the answer might be never. But in 2022, things have changed drastically for us millennials. We found ourselves sharing about square blocks that is storming the marketing world: Wordle. It has a beautiful starting story, you can read about it here.

The game is not that hard to play. Each users have six attempts to guess a five letter world. After guessing a random five-letter word, the game tells you using colours whether any of your letters are in the daily word and if they are in the correct place. Simple is not it? But how come this game made its world to each Marketing and Branding class nowadays? What's the secret sauce? Actually, the secret sauce was always there but not many brand strategist took it seriously. Gamification!

I am not saying that there has not been great examples of Gamification in the past by brands but some marketers under-looked the power of games when it comes to integrating it with their brands. When it comes to relatability, engagement, fun and authenticity what way is better than gamification? Other brands also jumped into the storm created by Wordle like IKEA.

Source Credit @IKEAUK

In the upcoming months, we will see how the success of Wordle will grow. Will it stay as a love story or will it beat the marketing stats for the long haul?

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