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Updates on the AI Landscape in EU: EU’s New AI Office

I am loud and clear on how I feel about AI and its usage. As long as it is used for the benefit of society without creating any digital breach, I am for it. In my classes, I always make a statement on every AI-related issue that affects marketing and consumers. Therefore, this recent news made me so excited and happy so I came here to talk about it.

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The European Union has recently launched a new AI Office, to oversee compliance with the AI Act across the EU. Not so long ago, we heard the EU’s intention to regulate AI thus creating the AI Act. So, it does not come as a surprise to see the new AI Office being established now. The office will be mainly ensuring that AI systems comply with the EU regulations, supervise high-risk AI systems, and act as the EU’s representative in global AI governance. In addition to these, it will also support innovation and SMEs allowing them to test AI systems in a controlled environment. Well, that sounds very promising, is not it? Because what we lack is guidance at this point, a lot and a lot of disinformation going around…


I strongly believe that the establishment of the AI Office is an excellent step in the EU’s effort to lead in AI regulation. Things get ugly very quickly when ethics are forgotten in this digital era. As we’ve seen in the past with the GDPR, I am hoping that other regions will also get inspired by this move and act accordingly. I am not here to talk about politics, but first as a citizen and later as a marketing professor, I want to see that AI is used safely and ethically.


Some might see this as a step backward in terms of innovation. But I see it as a must step in balancing regulations and protecting privacy & safety. I am confident that this office will play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI governance, not just within Europe but all around the world. Hoping to see many more advancements to protect fundamental rights and promote societal benefits.




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