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Reddit’s Untapped Potential for Marketers

I realized that I’ve not talked about Reddit at all here. And that’s my bad, sorry. I should have expressed with a few words how I feel towards the platform. Well, better late than never, right? Here are my few takeaways on the hidden power of Reddit for marketers.

Let’s make things clear first, I am not a fan of Reddit but like all the content platforms, I research it.

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We know that it is a powerful platform despite its reputation for being challenging for advertisers. But the communities and their interactions also present a goldmine for marketers. We can not ignore the 73 million daily active users. That’s a lot to ignore in this era. And we know that the Redditors are known for their active participation and engagement. This unique engagement offers marketers a great chance to build relationships and gather timely feedback. Another important thing is the famous “authenticity”. Unlike other platforms, on Reddit users can detect the inauthentic attempts at marketing way easily. If you wish to succeed in your campaigns, you should ditch the corporate tone and be transparent.

The platform also provides valuable consumer insights. You can tap into subreddits see the niches, and gather info on trends, preferences, and opinions directly from your target audience. How great is it to have that and it comes free! Since we talk about money, it is not surprising to see that advertising on Reddit is affordable. The platform’s cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions model enables a tailored approach. This combined with less competition is a goldmine indeed.

But is it easy to succeed on Reddit advertising?

The answer is like always: depends.

You should start by engaging with the community, commenting on threads, upvoting relevant content, etc. Do not over-promote your brand, just build the trust. You can host Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to interact directly with the community. This can result in helping showcase the human side of your brand. You can identify subreddits that resonate with your brand and then use your advertising on that targeted audience. And of course, always monitor and adopt. Things can go ugly fast, so make sure you are monitoring your Reddits.

I believe Reddit is an authentic, untapped platform for advertisers. Why not spend some time researching and investing in it?


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