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Post Covid Offline CX Changes

Let's be honest. How many of us are not happy with the changes that happened in retail design after coronavirus? Perhaps we all needed this refreshment so that we could still feel the need to go to physical stores instead of online shopping.

We still need to walk all the way around IKEA corridors, yes. We still need to go to the end of bakery and daily sections in the supermarkets on daily basis, yes. But more and more retails realised that they needed an upgrade on their CX game if they want to remain in the business. I guess the separation that was created between online and offline is getting blurrier by the day. Companies offering contactless solutions, fewer items being presented on the physical stores redirecting the customers to online stores for more items and curb-side pickup are few things that became the new reality in the retail industry.

Being a millennial myself, I still feel the need to go to a physical store for many items and I would be sad to see physical going out from our lives at one point. Therefore, we need smart, CX oriented solutions in retail design. Bigger spaces, fewer items, tech solutions for payment are just few things that are going to be essential if they want to stay in the game.

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