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Have You Deleted Your Clubhouse Yet?

I remember myself asking my sister to ask her network if they can refer me to join Clubhouse. This has happened exactly on 13 February 2021. I got the invitation, logged in and chose my interests. It was a simple process overall and like everyone who got in early I felt good about it. Last year during the pandemic almost all celebrities I follow were on Clubhouse. You could enter a room and listen what they would talk as they are sitting right beside you. And if you are courageous enough, you could ask to speak to them too.....I mean, it sounds amazing, is not it? Well, I am writing this piece 1 year later and I do not even remember when was the last time I clicked on Clubhouse icon on my phone....

So, what happened that caused this rapid increase and decline? According to CEO Paul Davidson they grew so fast while their goal was to grew slower but more consistent. It was first available only on iOS devices, later expanded to Android(obviously) and now after a year later its boom, it can be used on the web. Too late? Of course! The users already deleted the app or put it in a folder where they call it "Others". Everyone already moved to Twitter Spaces as we know it.

We all know that capturing attention is the real struggle nowadays. But if you already did that, why to stop there? Why not to innovate to have a sustainable growth? We will wait and see how the app will evolve in the future.

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