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An Old Story Wrapped Up in Different Name: Metaverse

Yes, I resisted my inner voice to not to write up about Metaverse but, here I am, writing about it. When Zuckerberg explained this idea on October 28th last year, some of the marketers went like: Wow, that's awesome, let's dive in before anyone else. Some of the marketers were like: Hmm, let's wait and see a little bit and then we can do our move. And some marketers including me were like: But wait a minute, this is an old story wrapped in a different name. My nephew who is 10 years old is playing Roblox which he and his friends have virtual versions of themselves on the platform to play various games. He loves it, literally. In the beginning of 2000's Linden Lab introduced Second Life into our lives. And let's admit, many millennials have tried Second Life at least once.

So the question here, why are we being introduced to Metaverse like it is something new and innovative?

The reason why I do am not excited about this (apart from being a Zuckerberg thing) is the fact that many marketers will spend valuable hours to take the skim of the Metaverse...And when it comes to the end results, they will probably will be disappointed.

If you want to hang out with Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton at a party in Metaverse, please do. But do not spend long team hours to develop Meta campaigns. Spend your time to think how your brand can be sustainable.

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