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A Marketer's Nightmare or Opportunity: GA4

Updated: May 20, 2022

Did I tell you that if you are a marketer you need to be updating yourself constantly? This reel from the CIM sums it up very much for you. Not that new, in October 2020 Google launched its brand new Analytics tool Google Analytics 4 (or GA4). It sounded like it is just a new version of our lovely beloved Google Analytics but the reality was nothing like that. From the data collection to visualization, GA4 was different from Google Analytics. It was a completely different new way of using Analytics and we needed to be prepared for a cookieless world. Google explained in their blog post from 2020 as follows:

"The new Google Analytics is now the default experience for new properties and is where we’re investing in future improvements. We know there are capabilities many marketers need before fully replacing their existing Analytics setup, so we encourage you to create a new Google Analytics 4 property (previously called an App + Web property) alongside your existing properties. "

But why after GA4 is launched marketers are talking about it and worrying here and there? Well, there comes the magic sauce. Recently Google also announced that Google Analytics will stop collecting data 1st July 2023. Those who are already GDPR compliant were not shocked by this news and were way more prepared than those who are not. Of course, many new metrics are also added which means marketers need to align their KPIs with these new metrics. Those who know me know very well that I am more of a visual, creative, and wordy person when it comes to marketing. But also I am all in for a better seamless and cookieless era.

To answer the title question: It is an opportunity because it will allow marketers to have a clearer picture of the insights which later can support better strategies.

What's your take on the new GA4? Comment down below.

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