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A Fresh and Purposeful Platform: WaterBear

I know I have not been scrabbling for a while but I was busy with exciting projects that I will be announcing very soon. And of course, I live in Europe now, I get decent holidays which I truly enjoyed :) I wanted to introduce you to a fresh, purposeful, and excellent streaming platform I came across recently: WaterBear.

They explain themselves as follows: A streaming service? A publisher? A distributor? An impact platform? A campaigner? A film enthusiast?


WaterBear is "a free platform that brings inspiration and action together through award-winning, certified films and documentaries that you can stream at any time, and on any device for free". Did I say, it is free? Because it is not about making profit, it is about making an impact and save the planet.


Initially they branded themselves as the 'Netflix for nature,’. However the scope of the themes they dealt has expanded beyond nature alone to social justice and mental health issues.You May say that Netflix and Prime has also such documentaries funded by many but this fierce competition doesn't pose a challenge for Waterbear.In the words of their Chief Growth and Impact Officer (loved the title) Mason-Watts : ”When you finish watching something on Netflix, you might feel compelled to take action, but the process of figuring out how can be overwhelming. We seize that motivation in real-time and equip individuals with the necessary tools to initiate action.”

And now let's come to the part where marketers are interested. Brands like Patagonia and Nike are already funding documentaries on climate action. And what WaterBear offers is very charming when it comes to brand reputability. They have a quite tough screening process to avoid greenwashing practices.Perhaps it is not traditional advertising, but it involves seamlessly blending with a brand's existing content.

The future is looking bright for WaterBear and the brands that they will collaborate. They aim to expand beyond documentaries to encompass animation, reality programming, documentary-style science fiction, and fictional documentaries. What are you waiting for? Just create an account and get inspired on what you can do for our planet.

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