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It's Been a While, Here's Why...

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The last time I was here writing something was December 2022. I thought, okay this year I will start with the highest motivation and I am positive about the things that 2023 will bring to me, to us, and to the whole world in general. Well, that was just hope. 2023 did not start well...

Those who know me know very well that I do not express how I feel about many things on social media. I talk about my work, and my field, and that's about it. It has been my preference thus far and I am happy about it. However, since I started this blog, I feel that I need to express sometimes how I feel about other things too, especially about things that matter! So, that's what I want to do with today's post. The reason why I did not post anything for a while has a few reasons. One, I did not find the motivation to write about something that everyone is talking about without even understanding its consequences or uses like ChatGPT. Second, I took a little vacation from work and went to my home country, Turkey which I needed. And lastly and the saddest of all, the tragedy that hit my heart, the earthquake in Turkey...

As any Turkish person, I am devastated, sad, angry, and feeling lonely. Especially, when you live abroad, and something tragic happens to your home country, you feel even more alone. I am glad to call Valencia my second home and I am grateful for all the support I had for the past two weeks from my friends that are around here with me. I know that you want to do more and you should do it if you can.

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Thank you.

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