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Flexibility, Career Gap Bias and Women in Marketing

It is weird to still talk about such issues on 8th of March, 2022. I hesitated to write about these issues as I do not want to think that these issues still exist at workplace. But unfortunately, they do, a lot...

Being overqualified, taking a career gap due to various reasons(most common being motherhood) being objected to bias due to your gender and of course the salary gap are issues that surround any job including marketing roles. By now you have seen numerous posts on social media talking about gender equality, celebrating women and their achievements. And most of them were created by men who probably gathered the women in their workplace around to give a speech about how important they are bla bla bla.

I am sorry but we are tired to hear and see about these empty speeches and social media hurrays. A new study suggests “the COVID-19 pandemic will have a disproportionate negative effect on women and their employment opportunities. The effects of this shock are likely to outlast the actual epidemic.” The pre-existing conditions were not enough, now we need to deal with the post-pandemic created issues. Many of my fellow colleagues are forced to move to freelance because honestly this is the only way they can have a healthy work-life balance. Brands are talking that they can not find skilled employees, yet when they are challenged with a successful woman coming to the interview and asking about flexibility, they stand back and instead hire the less qualified man.Later, we are asked to explain why we have a career gap if it is not a motherhood. Because they do not want to listen what truly matters.

I wish I could conclude this with a more positive note but simply I can not. Hoping for better days ahead...

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