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EmpoderaLIVE 2022 Conference Wrap-Up

I do not know where to start when I am this excited and pumped. I spent the last 3 days in beautiful sunny Malaga learning, engaging, and networking with people with whom I could not imagine being in the same room let alone eating and taking selfies with them. Yes, this post will be a bit more personal than others but I am sure you will enjoy it as I did.

As you might know, I am a proud volunteer in the Fundacion Cibervoluntarios for nearly about half a year. Each year my beloved organization organizes EmpoderaLIVE conferences in Malaga where academicians, practitioners, and policymakers are reshaping the global innovation ecosystem and are creating solutions to face social challenges. In 2022, Empodera LIVE reaches its 16th anniversary, which is an excellent number if we think about how the conferences can vanish after a few editions. The line-up of this year was honestly mind-blowing. From European Commission representatives to extraordinary minds, women who change the world using tech, and many more. If you want to see the full list of speakers please go here. But what was the theme of this year? Let's come to that... This year was about digital citizen sovereignty. Speakers from different fields gave their input on how we want to build a digital society with social impact in the future. The challenges, the positive and the negative, the good guys and the bad guys, all were discussed during the 2-day conference.

I had time to reflect on marketing and my profession because as you know marketers are blamed for everything that can go bad on the internet. But that's not the case, is not it? Our job is beautiful in its very nature, we communicate, we create, we reach out, we produce, we provide accessibility, and much more. Like in every profession, I do admit that we have bad guys that want to manipulate and lie. Believe me, they do not last... Eventually, consumers realize and they move on to the next honest brand. Therefore, my goal as an educator of Marketing has always been showing the right practices and using the bad ones as case studies of what not to do.

I am going to try and insist on creating a better future where technology helps each and every one in the world. Digital rights are our rights and everyone should have the same access. If you do not want to sit around and do something, you can also volunteer with us. Think about it: Do you want to help to build the next generation of the internet or just sit and watch from your couch?


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