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Cannes Lions 2022: What Have You Missed?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Ah, that time of the year... As many of you are excited by Champions League, Oscars, and Formula 1, I am excited by Cannes Lions Awards each year. After 2 years of non-person events, Cannes Lions was back in person and surely all the Marketing world members were there to witness this amazing event. Apart from great creativity, there was some harsh reality too. The Greenpeace activist and previous Cannes Lions winner Gustav Martner staged a high-profile demonstration during the festival’s opening ceremony protesting the industry’s habit of working with fossil fuel and high carbon clients.

Source: The Drum

But this post is not about Greenpeace, it is about creativity. I was super happy to see Save Ralph for Humane Society International winning the Award for Sustainable Development Goals Grand Prix. I mean, which one of us has not shared that ad when it first aired, right? DDB Mexico got two major awards for their Data Tienda Campaign for WeCapital. I mean nobody has Google Pixel 6 but let's give it a shout-out to the great campaign for Real Tone for Google featuring Lizzo. It's been awarded Mobile Grand Prix and I liked it. A Cannes Lions without a Nike campaign would not be realistic, right? This time Nike is talking about our menstrual cycle and winning the Entertainment for Sport Grand Prix award. As a woman, I liked the fact that more and more brands are recognizing these issues and normalizing them.

I won't be listing every single award here but I am going to leave you with one of my favorite campaigns of this year. It won the Pharma Grand Prix and the agency behind the I Will Always Be Me campaign is VMLY&R. Looking forward to the next year! Cheers!

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