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When You Can No Longer Go Left, Turn Right: TikTok

Let's start with some confessions. I am 33 years old and I am not on TikTok. But since this is my profession, since day 1 of the launch, I am following the news about this app that revolves around the world. When TikTok came into our lives (more like, into teen's lives) people were having mixed feelings. But later, it became a true sensation. People discovered that they liked themselves making jokes, imitating others or simply dancing along for few seconds.

This week TikTok executives told that they are planning to introduce longer video options in TikTok. According to a research done with the Japanese advertisers, TikTok users have difficulty concentrating that the sites' 60-second videos made it better at engaging them than any other social media platform. Furthermore, TikTok researchers have conducted several focus groups with 1min, 3min, 5min and 10min videos. One thing is very clear that they are aware of that Reels, Shorts, Spotlight and more are in the short video game. Therefore, they want to try and expand their product offering with the long video shots.

In my humble opinion, it is a smart move done by TikTok since it can expand its user bases to Millennials or even Gen X. Without losing its brand promise, TikTok can benefit from diversifying its product offerings in the long run.

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