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Creator-Led Marketing and Clicks

We are about to enter the second quarter of 2023 and not so surprisingly, we marketers are still thinking that creator-led marketing is the way. Like our friend Mando would say:

And yes, you read it right, clicks don't and do matter in different contexts. Let me try to simplify my thoughts. Clicks don't matter unless they are linked to effectiveness. Who spent what on views and clicks won't mean anything if they are not contributing to the real brand goals in a holistic marketing strategy. Clicks do matter if your only goal is short-term gains. A recent study from Nielsen actually showed that overstressing clicks are not worth your attention. The real issue is to understand that the first-party data already provides brands with a tremendous opportunity when it comes to measurement and direct attribution. So, why go over and over on the wrong KPI?

Creator-led marketing was already booming especially after COVID and many companies around the world have increased their spending on creator-led marketing. Gen Z and Gen Alpha already proved that they trust influencers more than traditional ad copies. That's why, if you still think that you should not work with true influencers, you are suffering from marketing myopia perhaps. But of course, it is not only about working with the right creators. You have to know which channels and content will be the best for your ROI. In order to know this, all you have to do is test, test, and test again. There is no magic formula, really... You also must align the brand goals with the influencers you are working with. You do not want to end up in a list of "worst collabs of the year".

And last but not the least, in order to engage in a true creator-led marketing strategy means incorporating creator-driven assets beyond just social media. By extending assets into performance, e-commerce, and affiliate channels, engagement, and reach can grow exponentially compared to traditional media. I want to write something else in my next post, please reach out to me for your suggestions if you have any :) Cheers!


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